A newish freshish start

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Feb 262015

So, after a very, very long hiatus from the wild world of blogging during which I moved back up north with my little family and popped out another baby, I’m back on the Internets! And back to my easel! I’ve started exploring a slightly different direction with my cross-dressing produce these days–I call it rotting produce because the subjects are fruits and vegetables with different forms of rot inside. Goya explored a similar theme in his still life work (e.g., Still Life with Golden Bream) where the focus of the painting was not life, but demise. In some sense, rot is the birth of new life–the decay of one thing we may consider delicious and beautiful yielding the birth of organisms that we perceive as, well, gross.

Here’s the first one in my series of portraits of subjects that are simultaneously beautiful and gross:

Pear with larvae in womb